Main Objectives

  1. To promote popular Indian sports and indigenous Indian sports outside India and to prepare an atmosphere for the Pravasi Bharti sport-persons to participate in these sports.
  2. To promote and encourage the physical, moral and cultural education of the Pravasi Bharti youth through the medium of Sports for their integration from their ‘Karmabhoomi’ to their ‘Mathrabhoomi’.
  3. To undertake, advance, promote, impart, cultivate, improve, help, disseminate and encourage directly and/ or indirectly Pravasi Bharti Sports Tournaments.
  4. To grant recognition/ affiliation to associations of different Countries and Continents and autonomous bodies in Sports for Pravasi Bharti and to add them as affiliate members or associate members.
  5. To take sole charge of all the matters concerned with ‘Sports for Pravasi Bharti’ as competitive sports globally. To regulate, standardize and lead all the matters concerned.
  6. In co-operation with the highest governing bodies of the specific sports, to guard and enforce the applicable rules and regulations and maintain the general control over the Pravasi Bharti Sports competitions, particularly with reference to rules, regulations and laws of each sport as a competitive sport.
  7. To create a framework for training, orientation and re-orientation for Pravasi Bharti youth in popular Indian Sports and Indigenous Sports and to provide special coaching by expert Sports persons to make the trainee skilled and efficient competitors.
  8. To help in selection, providing special training and coaching to Pravasi Bharti sport-persons of all age groups to participate in the Pravasi Bharti Sports Tournaments to win the prizes, medals and trophy.
  9. To regulate and to take disciplinary action against any affiliated Unit or Organization/ Affiliated Body/ Players/ officials/members or office bearers for misbehaviour or any undesirable activity bringing discredit to the Pravasi Bharti Sports competitions.
  10. To Administer and regulate Pravasi Bharti/Camps/Leagues/ Conferences/ Seminars/ Training sessions/ Competitions/ Workshops and other such Pravasi Bharti Sports events for both Men and Women and conduct the same directly or through an outsourcing model and to take all necessary stepsto ensure involvement of Private Individuals/Corporates/Institutions in the conduct of the event.