President's Message

I deem it my esteemed privilege to be officiating as President of the Holistic International Pravasi Sports Association. The journey to HIPSA has been filled with ideas, creativity, energy, spirit & a drive to play a small role in fuelling the vision of the Government of India.

When you trace India’s journey over the past 75 years, it’s been an evolution and growth that every Indian would be proud off. Each phase saw a different kind of flavor and success within the same. While the initial 25 years were a struggle for our forefathers, the next 25 years saw a capable and bright population, but one that looked for opportunities outside India. The next few years saw the bright Indian shine across the world in different countries where he/she had gone looking for opportunities.

But, it’s the last decade where the success story of India has become an epitome for the rest of the World. The Indian diaspora community has played a crucial role in amplifying this success story of India and making it shine on the global map. The next 25 years is all about India. All the brain drain that India saw will soon be converted a brain gain!

India is now beginning to be the land of opportunities to all. Through HIPSA, we want to provide that opportunity to our Pravasi Youth, to begin with. They have the first right on the same! Through the medium of Sports, we wish to integrate our Pravasi youth back to their Motherland, and connect them back to their roots and leave them with a feeling of pride as they see the new Superpower India!

All of us at HIPSA are humbled to be given an opportunity to execute the vision of the Government of India and their commitment to the Indian diaspora community.

As a Woman myself, I feel empowered to be making a contribution in the field of Sports, and seek the best wishes of all!